Emprex dvd rewriter and my laptop recognises it only for a short time

:a Hi. I have an emprex dvd rewriter and my laptop recognises it for a short time and then suddenly it is as if it isn’t there. I can’t copy anything and I cannot even save files or photos to a dvd. Can anybody help me? :sad:


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Have you ever used your dvd rewriter to read or burn a CD or DVD?


[B]@dormc:[/B] please don’t cross-post the same problem to different areas of the forum. Your other thread will be closed.

:confused: Sorry about that Sean. I am a rather elderly newbie.

Yes, I did manage to burn a dvd on three occasions.

Presumably this is an external burner connected by USB?

Looks so. Then disable the auto-power-off for USB or the USB connection in Devicemanager.

Yes it is.

OK good. Are you able to make the changes suggested by chef…?

I can’t find the option to disable auto power off for usb connection.

‘Start’ button -> ‘Control Panel’ -> double-click on ‘System’ icon -> click ‘Device Manager’ button.

Click the ‘+’ next to ‘Universal Serial Bus Controllers’, then right-click on the ‘USB Root Hub’ line (marked ‘1.’) and select ‘Properties’. From there, select the ‘Power Management’ tab and remove the tick from the box shown in the diagram below (marked ‘2.’)

Restart the computer and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks. I have done this (there are 4 usb root hubs on my laptop) so I will have another go and see what happens.

Hi imkidd57 I followed your instructions but still no joy. Getting more and more frustrated. I think it is still under guarantee so I’ll just get rid of it. Thanks for your help.

Maybe there is not enough power delivered to all devices and especially to your optical drive?!

I thought external USB drives usually come with power supplies (except for some 2.5" HDs)?

Yes, it has its own separate power supply (dormc)

Yeah, but could be kinda defective anyway…