Emprex dual layer dvd 16x

hi this is my first post hello to you all.

i have an emprex 16x dua layer dvd writer
when i tried using it tody it no longer appears in my computer i tried enabling it in sys / hardware but will not allow .

it is detected on boot up and appears in bios settings any help would be appreciated

yours pokayoke

Hi :slight_smile:

You mean, it’s not detected in Device Manager?

Try deleting the IDE channel (in Device Manager) that your Emprex (which I believe is really a BTC drive) is on - for example, my burners are on the Secondary IDE Chennel. Windows should re-detect it properly after a reboot.

If that doesn’t help, then something else is afoot with your OS, since it’s detected OK in the BIOS etc.

Just received a message to say that the Emprex burner now works OK. All’s well that ends well! :slight_smile: