Emprex DRW1016IM and Taiyo Yuden media

ive done some reading on here and this isnt the most recommended burner,but would it be any better if some of the better media was used such as taiyo yuden? its hard to pass up for the price,occasionaly its 34 at fry’s.

ty media is good on my 1016, it perfers the -r tho over the plus, a089 firmware, just give it a try :slight_smile:

My Btc 1016IM actually seems to prefer +R TY T02 media. I have had some great scans
with it. The down side is this is my second 1016IM the first one died. The AO89 definately seems to be the best firmware,
Good luck, Budzos

i’ve been using the 1116IM (same as 1016IM) for about a month now with 16x verbatims +/-R
and 8x TYs +R (fuji TY T02). the verb+R burns cleaner than the verb-R but the ty+R burns better than both verbs. all very acceptable though. i’m using 190 firmware. i burn and scan at 4x for safety.

for clarity: verbs referenced in above post were -R: MCC 03RG20 and +R: MCC 004-000

My BTC 1116IM does very good job with AML 02 media. Much better than Lite-On for example.

here is a typical 4x scan of a ty disc. a maximum speed scan looks about the same. disc was burned at 4x on 1116IM with A190 fw.

Can you scan the same disc at 8x this time? For some reason my 1116IM makes a better scan at 8x than at 4x… Go figure why… :confused:

here is max scan done the same day as previously posted 4x scan.
the 8x scan i did today at your request but be aware i accidentally got
some wd-40 on it yesterday and wiped it off. does not seem to have hurt it
much. also notice even though i selected 8x i got a climbing speed curve
similar to a max scan…4x was steady…probably some simple explanation i don’t have.

i’m not reading much into scans at different rates. what is most important is
how well it burned and how it does on the target reading device (dvd player
in my case). the scans arw useful to me just to let me know if i am in the
ball park of a good burn and how it relates to the scans other people are
getting and it is a way to watch if this frequently slammed burner is degrading.
slamming unjustified to me so far but keeping my eye on it. using
the best media i can find to give it a fighting chance.

By the way, did you purchase the drive with A190 firmware on it, or you had to flash it to upgrade? Mine came with A087, and I flashed it to A089 yesterday. Did not feel confident flashing it to the latest A190. Can you post a benchmark test result? I want to compare against mine with A089. Please save results as HTML (File>Save Results>HTML). Thanks.

miine came with 089. i used liveupdate to flash to 190 before using it at all.
my guess is the only difference is media codes added to the media index table
but its a guess. you can look at the fw media table with “media code speed edit” and i think there is a thread here with dumps of those
tables for different fw.
had to zip html to include the png and html is not an allowed attachment here.
zip attached. used same disc as previious posts.

Benchmark.zip (73.1 KB)

Interesting, I don’t know if the media makes much of a difference in the benchmarking of the drive, I used standard dual layer factory-made DVD-ROM for the testing, but whereas A190 has a little better CPU management at speeds above 4x, A089 and A087, seem to have a better burst rate and seek time. But see for youself. I am attaching 2 benchmarks: one from A087, and one from A089. It is a zip file as well.

bm_A087-A089.zip (6.07 KB)

unless the differences between your 2 fw versions are repeatable, i think the differences
can be attributed to random rotational latency etc. and insignificant… although the burst rate
is a pretty significant difference (600KB)…would be interesting to know if that result
is repeatable or just another random anomoly. i expect if you retry your tests
you won’t find a clear pattern…but i’m speculating. up for retrying?

ps. can’t compare my 190 to your 089 or 087 results. apples and oranges…too many
variables like system cpu speed and memory size/speed etc. and we used
completely different media. but comparing your 087 and 089 are possible
as you can control everything to be identical except the firmware. not
sure this comaprison is going to yeild anything meaningful though.

Just to make sure, your drive is 1116IM not 1016IM?

mine is definitely 1116IM i just added some stuff to my post while you were
replying so take another look for completeness.

just for fun i reran my benchmark. as expected the numbers were
but insignificantly. my burst rate was different by about 40KB/sec … again insignificant. still wondering about you 600KB/sec difference between fw versions.
its not huge (about 2%) but if repeatable, a bonafide difference.

Just noticed one really uncool thing: Nero does not have an option for “book type” setting (or as it is called sometimes, bitsetting) for 1116IM drive. I even flashed firmware to A190, still did not help (see attached image). :frowning:

Anyone has this option available with 1116IM drive?