Emprex/BTC 1004 Making Coasters

My unit is making DVDs that only it seems to be able to see. My DVD player, a Sharp unit keeps telling me that “Wrong type disk”. Or simply stays in the load mode forever. I’ve tried generic, and memorex DVD-Rs and DVD-RWs. Nothing seems to work. Using Clone DVD2, and firmware 0350.


perhaps your writer is + not - ?

I would try some +r media and see if it helps.

The unit is a 1004 which most on here know does both. It could be more likely that your player does not like - and may like + better. Go to www.dvdrhelp.com and check their compatibility listing for your model player. I am sure someone out there has tried it before you did.

The DVD player I own is also a recorder and uses exclusively -R/-RW disks. I’ve found that if I create files with Clone DVD2, and write them with NERO, the disks work. If I write them with Clone DVD2, they don’t. Go figure.