Emprex 8x DVD Dual

I just wanna hear comments on this product for those of you who have purchased this.
I bought mine back in April, it’s been 5 months now, and juss recently, whatever I would burn, the files towards the end would not be able to open, copy, or anything.
Then today when I turned my computer on for the day, the burner was receiving no power. :a I is ever so pissed.

Well, I just got the Micro Advantage version of the 1008im drive, and even though my PC is below minimum system requirements, it still works great!

The sole problem being, that DVD movies won’t play right off the bat. (I am able to play the VOB’s though.)

Hey, this is a 450Mhz PIII machine, I feel lucky it didn’t explode! :wink:

As someone on a budget, this was better than I had hoped. I mainly needed the drive for backups, and anything else was icing on the cake. That and the fact that I laid out $90 for it, with a $50 rebate coming to me, had me dancing in the street.

I also recommend the firmware upgrade, as on my PC, I got a blue screen error when I tried to load a DVD before doing that flash. Now there’s no problem there.

I hear Micro Advantage will also be marketing the next BTC dual layer model, but I couldn’t pass up an 8x DVD-/+ RW drive for this price, and jumped at it.

Not sure what Emprex is selling them at, but they should be the same, yeah?

I am new to adding my own hardware to my PC and I’m unsure how to alter the jumper on the back of the Emprex 8x DVD Dual. If you can help me in this respect then I will be able to follow this post with information you require.

Hopefully, I wont have the same problems as yourself but I maybe helpful. Thanks!

Put your harddisk and burner on different IDE cables. Usually you would connect the burner to the secondary IDE port. If it is the only device, jumper it as master. If there is already a master on the cable, jumper it as slave. After booting windows, make shure DMA is activated on your harddisks and on your burner.

I bought a nice ornament, called the Emprex DVD Dual 16x, it does nothing, drawer comes in and out and that is it, cannot read any blank media and always asks for a disk even when inserted, I remember it worked when i first got it but now it just refuses to do anything, iam wondering maybe if it because it is usb2 and i only have usb1, i cant upgrade to usb2 as it is a laptop, but other usb 2 devices seem to work fine, and this did work the first couple of times, any advice?

Youve probably answered your own question. USB 1 is most likely far too slow to keep the drive working. Youd be better off looking for a laptop dvd±rw drive that fits inside.