Emprex 8x burner (btc)

can someone tell me why theyve released this drive with all the problems it has?, it seems strange that a company would release hardware when the firmware is so buggy!!!

No problem with my CIBOX. I used FW 054, 256 and 357. I burned with success more than 40 DVD’s ±R/RW.
What FW are you using ?

My BTC 1008 runs perfect. What problems are you refering to?

I also have the Emprex DRW1008 8x dual form PC World (UK), appart from it being a little fussy when it comes to media and burning speeds, it has burnt all media I have tried in it, now using f/w 0658.

Media Tried:
Imation DVD+RW (2.4x), from Argos. Great! burns at 2.4x
Mirror DVD+R (4x) From Poundland, London. Good! but burns at 2x
Maxell DVD-R (4x) From Poundland, London. Great! burns at 4x
Mitsubishi DVD+R (4x) From Poundland, London. Great burns at 4x
Memorex DVD-R (4x) From Poundland, London. Great burns at 4x

PC Spec:
Self built system!
Jetway 867AS mobo
Athlon 1.133Ghz
256Mb DDR 2100 RAM
60Gb IBM 7200 HDD
WinTV-PVR-350 Video Capture Card (hardware mpeg 1+2 encoder)
Nvidea GF4 440 MX AGP 4x 64Mb DDR
Windows XP Pro 2002 SP1a

Nero, Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2 (for authoring)
Emprex DVD writer is on Secondary master.

I have had no problems at all with this drive and system config

Hello paulrod

Do you know the MID code of your Mirror 4x DVD+R ?

I agree with the original poster. I have yet to burn a successful DVD with my Emprex 8x. It fails at close every single time, with all firmware, all media, all speeds, etc.

Apparently another user on this forum that purchased from Fry’s is having the exact same problem. I think this drive sucks!

Well, two of you have said you have problems but neither of you provided any information about the troubles. I’d suggest you compare those few experiences to those of the large number of posters in these forums whose BTC drives are functioning well. It’s not a bad drive. BTC has a pretty fair reputation for standing behind their products. If you really got a defective unit, I suspect they’ll make it right if you’ll follow the procedures. Before you do that, I’d recommend that you look closely at your installation and your own procedures because that’s likely where the problem lies.

There are some sharp people in these forums. If you’ll provide some specifics about the failures you’re getting I think you’ll have help if you want it.

i too am having major problems burning dvd with my emprex drive. The burn process completes and Nero says the process was successful but Every disk jumps and skips endlessly and some disks are not regognised be either my PC or my Dvd player (which does play copies that i have bought on both -R and +R disks) :a

i have tried no-name disks and TDK disks but thier is no difference. I have also flashed the firmware to version 0059 but still no difference although i understand this is the root of most folks’ problems.

would apprecaitte any further help or suggestions as i am close to ripping the drive out and bouncing it of the PC world sale assistant as my patients with these wankers is running very thin

talking about the emprex 1008 8x i find i can burn any type of disc but i can not go any faster than 4x and thats when i use a 8x disc ,if i use a 4x i only go on 2x unless i use the yellow 4x datawrite then it will burn at the 4x

can anyone tell me why i cannot burn any faster than 4x even though i have dowloaded the latest drivers .emmprex say it is most likely a compaterbility problem but i have tried all types of brand on the 8x

Hi buzice,

we need a little bit more information about you config to help

can you please tell us

[li]the firmware you are using
[/li][li]the MID codes of the medias you have tried
[/li][li]the burning software you have installed
[/li][li]the medias you use (+ or -)

have you installed nvidia(nforce) IDE drivers?


my problems have been solved by the disks i use!! you can find a list of tested disk MID codes at


to find out what MID codes your disks are open nero cd speed go to extra then cd info and it will tell you the manufacturer code.

by selecting the right disks i have managed ot burn reliably at 8x!!!