Emprex 2016im probs

i just recently bought emprex 2016im bcos the dealer told me was good but all i get is problems.
it can’t read cds and certain dvds. sometimes, it will caused my pc jammed :sad: if it can’t read the inserted media especially cds. so far burning dvds and cds works well. no problem reading except when the cds and dvds were burned using other dvd burner such as sony and lite on. problems also occur when inserting dvds burned at low speed; 4x, it wouldn’t read instead, it causes my pc jammed and the tray wouldnt eject itself that i had to reset several times :a .
mayb it’s firmware needs to be update but i dont know which firmware should i use :rolleyes: ;
b02h, b02t & a02t, a02k & b02k, a02k & b22p?
could anyone suggest which is the correct firmware should i use?