EMPREX 16X- Which DVDs work with it?



Hi, this is my first post in this forum. Please don’t tell me to use the “Search” because I have already done so. Here is my situation.

I bought an EMPREX 8X (+/-) DVD burner and of course I thought that it was easy to burn DVDs. To my surprise, after getting the right software, I bought some Memorex 8X +R DVD from Frys. The DVD burner would through them out with errors left and right. I went to the website to see what DVDs were compatible. Then I learned about the media codes, etc. I saw in the list that Sony’s were included there. So, after wasting my money on a spindle of Memorex’s, I went back and bought a 50 pack of Sony DVD+Rs. They work like a charm.

Now, to my problem. I bought two EMPREX 16 dual layer DVD burners. One for a customer and one for a friend. I have looked around for 16X media, but frys only carries Fujifilm. I don’t want to buy them because they are 20+ dollars and cannot be returned if they do not work. So, I decided to try 8X media to see if they will work. So far, I have tried Sony 8X, Memorex 8X, Verbatim 8X, Fujifilm 8X, and they have all been kicked out by the burner with errors!

I’m really frustrated and I’m hoping that someone in this forum has the same type of EMPREX 16X burner and that they have a media brand that has worked perfectly for them.

To clarify, I have looked at the media codes of all these brands under the burner supported media codes. The Fujifilm and Verbatim were both on the list. The burner has been updated with the latest firmware as well. :iagree:


Anyone? Any Help?


Emprex is a rebadged BTC so I would either check out their site or go to the BTC forum on here and search.

I personally wouldn’t touch one because the quality is always very poor with Emprex and you can get NEC, BenQ, Pioneer burners for around the same price.


If you have problem with high quality made in Japan 8x Fuji DVD+R (Taiyo Yuden000 T02), then you need to return the crappy burner. This media will burn at 16X if your burner can handle the speed. I saw the Mad Dog 16X on sale at Micro Center for $55 after rebate. This is the NEC 3500. BenQ 1620 is another good drive ($65 at Newegg.com).

Most people prefer to burn at 4X or 8X.