Emprex 16x & TDK+R 16x?

hi all,

should I use 4x only with my drive?
16x doesn’t look any good :sad:

any other F/W may help? or that’s all I can get from this drive

thanks for comments.

there is burn result at 4x speed

I hope your problem is your media. The TDK 16x +R I bought at Costco two weeks ago was crap and I took it back. It was MIT.

yes - I got it from costco …
thinking about return it back too
even Playo ($5 staples) burns better at 4x …

I bet that the media is the reason for your problem. BTC/Emprex drives are usually very selective and lower quality media are a pain for these drives. Better firmwares could lower these problems, but personally I don’t have the feeling that there will be a much better fimware in the near future.

Just use the highest quality media you can get and you will get good results with this drive.

Please, see my results for other media I have
in “Playo” thread at 93
and 92

I’ve update fw to the last one already and I use Nero 6.6

any comments?

Its more the fact that BTC drives are poor as well they just dont seem to be up to the same standards of your LG, BenQ, Nec or others.

there is Playo +R at 4x burned for comparison