Emprex 16X DVD writer (BTC 1016IM)

Latest firmware always helps :slight_smile:
I personally have no “final” opinion on the drive.
I would need to test further to form any conclusions. :smiley:

Thank you…I hope the drive I get is the BenQ!

As you can see I have been playing with my Emprex drive and got the results below from a disk I burnt on it. Now this means nothing to me, can some explain it to me and is it good or bad? :smiley:

Accroding to the test result, I think it’s the good one.

I build & repair computers and have 4 networked in our home. I will NEVER EVER by anything with BTC or Emprex on it again. Emprex DVD-ROM drives from Fry’s refused to update their firmware. 4 GB Microdrive overheats so that you cannot even xfer a large file. After using BTC/Emprex DVD writer, then switching to a BenQ, WOW!!! I had no idea how badly the BTC & Emprex were doing. I have come to the conclusion that there is a very good reason Fry’s can sell BTC/Emprex stuff so cheap, because it IS cheap. Save your money and get something/anything else.
So far I am happy with our:
Sony DVD-Rom DDU1612
Lite-On DVD-Rom 166S
Lite-On CD Writer 52723S
BenQ DVD Writer 1640

isepiq :cool:

dude, btc makes a lot of things, and they mass produce them in great #'s and there might be a few things that get by the QC, with that saying please dont bash just because you dont like it, you can have a opionon is fine, becareful in your wording, and most people learn to get the right firmware for this drive and it works great, it was a firmware issuse why the burner wasnt good, so please learn from ur mistakes and move on

i used to have a 1116IM and it performed flawlessly. gave me better burns
than the almighty 1640 (speed not important to me)…on SL that is. DL was terrible (i used the best verb dl+R) so it went back to frys…but for a cheap SL burner it was great.
i have a 1640 now and it is fine…fortunately got an outrageous deal…they
exist if patient. fry’s is easily beaten in quality at a low price if you wait
and watch ads. i don’t miss the 1116IM as the 1640 is a great replacement,
but i can’t say anything bad about it from personal experience other than
it did not burn DL for me properly.

39.99 is going price for this every week at fry’s. would this drive be ok to use just to make exact backups of originals.ive heard the good and the bad but i dont think they could sell these week in and week out if they didnt make successful burns .

well with the right firmware its a decent drive

EVERY Emprex product I have bought has messed up or had some significant flaw(s). Some of them ‘refused’ to take the firmware update & multiple posts on other forums show this is NOT an isolated incident. Changing from Emprex to Lite-On and BenQ ‘really’ showed me how bad Emprex was. Every Emprex/BTC hardware I have bought/exchanged/rma’d was bad. Microdrive, flashdrive, cd/dvd rom drives, cd/dvd burners, you name it. Search the internet forums, and you will find this is a significant problem with Emprex/BTC products for a large number of people.

isepiq :cool: