Emprex 16x (BTC DRW1016IM) A091 Firmware Install That Works!

For some reason, the A091 update does not work correctly. Anyone else have that problem? It terminates prematurely, and the drive does not work right. Panic! I thought it ruined my drive! I modded an A087 update that was in my Windows\Temp\ directory (includes the 0056.HEX that the A091 does not, and MCU v2.74 rather than v2.73). I replaced the A087.HEX with the A091.HEX, and updated the IDString.txt file to reflect A091. Worked like a charm, and didn’t have to do anything in DOS!

Hope this helps others!

Update on this - Although the process mentioned previously appeared to go correctly, the drive still didn’t burn just right and didn’t support all modes. I did the DOS thing after all, and all is well now. Sorry for the false hope/info.

why update to that crap firm

a089 far the best one :wink: why risk the newer one, in btc newer isnt always better

How do you know its crap, have you actually tested it for yourself?

I have had no problem with this firmware update, I always get excellent results with nero cd-dvd speed quality check. score is always around the 95 mark with low pie and pif scores.

just going off reports of the firm being not as good lol

Bridgette_fx, I’m having the same issue with the same model. Can you further explain your fix. :flower:

my friend has an Emprex A087
it wont read disks does she need a driver?

plz help