Emprex 1016ui (external) firmware update failiure ! how install origional !? p

Can someone PLEASE help me ! I have an emprex usb 2.0 external
dvdrw (1016ui). It was working perfectly fine on my windows 98, but I did
a fimware upgrade and it no longer works !!! I updated with the
wrong firmware and a ‘update failure’ message showed up.
It can’t be detected by windows and if I try to open the drive
to put a disc in it, it wont open. It’s not responding to anything.
PLEASE tell me how to get and reinstall its origional firmware !!!
I have checked every where but can’t find help or files for my usb dvd rw drive

You could try flashing a binary firmware with mtkflash or XSF.
For flashing the firmware, you would need to install the drive internally.

But I don’t know how this is done exactly with BTC drives, and which tool is suitable for your drive.

You have asked the same questien in another thread, where the answer is. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=207992

You have to remove your drive from the USB enclosure and install in the PC.

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IS there no way of fixing the drive without having to install it into the pc ???
and is there is’nt - how do I remove it from it’s usb enclosure ???

oh yeh … what does btc stand for ??? and how do I get to the
bios of windows … and can i use this tutorial on :http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1709451#post1709451

if I have windows 98 !!!