Emprex 1004 vs VDSPSAB01

man, this has been giving me hell for the last 2 weeks. I’ve tried all most all FW updates…currently running 0450, but these disks just wont burn right. I was debating on trying to flash my 4x to an 8x, but i just dont wanna risk that. I’ve read (after buying them) that these disks play havic and aren’t any good. Other than throwing these around for the kids to play with, has NE 1 else had better results with the VDSPSAB01. I have 150 of these frisbees, and i would like to burn a few if possible. :o

I have tried a few of them with my 1004 and FW 0051 seems to improve writing quality a bit. Try to update the firmware and let us know!
BTW, there should be no problems flashing your 1004 with 1008 firmware, altough I’m not sure if it could solve your problem.

My parents bought some of those by accident from Frys. I have tried them on several different burners and have had no success, so I’d blame the media in this instanced.

The 1008 firmware may be more up to date and produce a better result. I would try using it if I were in your position. Did you try another brand of disc?

well, i update to 0051 and it burned 1 cd fine, but then i tried another movie and it was totally blank… it didnt write at all. I rebooted and woolah… it burnt another movie. I tried another disk and it gave me some DVD9 media error when it was at 85%. I dont know whats up with these disks, but geez… Any one for frisbee. I think I am gonna try the 1008 firmware… is there one that I should try thats better than the other since there are so many? And thanks for all the help.

i had no prob´s with the rpc1v658