Empires Dawn of the Modern World

Empires Dawn of the Modern World
Copy Protection Safe Disc 2.9x

I made 2 Images (2 Cds). One CD is copy protected with Safe Disx 2.9x. However I cant run the game when mounting the Image.

Any help here?


SD 2.9 … what? Have you run a protection scanner over the game/disc?

program? burner?

Have you read any of the guides or tutes in the subforum … lots of issues can be avoided by following the tips and tricks.

UK version has Safedisc V3.10.20

You can create a 1:1 but I believe it has blacklisted Alcohol and Daemon Tools Virtual Drives at the moment.

This may be the cause of your problem. What scanner told you it was V2.9?

I used ClonyXXL. Since ClonyXXL doesnt “support” any copy protection higher then Safe Disc 2.9

I think my copy should be Safedisc V3.10.20.

How do I make a 1:1 copy of this Safedisc V3.10.20 protected cd though?

dr–evil has done it look here

Im happy to tell you all that dr–evil way of copying Safedisc V3.10.20 works perfectly fine!

I Just copyied my protected play disc! Thanks dr–evil!

Safedisc V3.10.20 is crushed!! :slight_smile:

My backup made with Alcohol 120% 1.4.7 works in a virtual drive from Daemon Tools 3.41. I used the SafeDisc2 settings and subcodes on and DPM on. Mounted with Daemon Tools and it works. My image just with SD2-Settings didn’t work.
(I learnde English just at school, sorry:) )