Empire earth question



I want to make a backup of my empire earth game cd, and i never know when i should use a bwa file or not ?!? Any rules on this ?



You will need to use the BWA file on any SecuRom 4.84 and above Protected game, and only on the disk that contains the protection.


How to know what security is on the cd ? And then what to do ?
Yes i know its a very basic question but i,m a beginner :wink:



You need to look for a protection scanner, here are a few to get you started, look for:
Safe Disc Analyser
Clony XXL
Do a search for these and then use them to determine the protection on the disc, or if you want to do that you can look here and see if you can find it. The you will need to list the software and burner you plan to use.


Empire earth is a securom but i cant find any bwa file for download…is it because i dont need it or its just isnt there ? any other link for some good bwa file for download ?



You only need to use a .BWA for SecuRom 4.8+
Empire Earth SecuRom - .BWA not needed to copy this.
Empire Earth - Art of Conquest SecuRom - .BWA required to copy this.


Thx a lot guys, it become clearer every day :wink: I still would want a good site with bwa file.