Empire Earth Copy solution (not expansion)

OK, so I got a 99 spindle of crappy no name brand cdr’s after my WC3 copy success.

I tried to copy Empire Earth in the following manner, and was successful…kinda once again.

First, here is what I have to recap:
ATAPI 52x maxx cd-rom (no name brand)
SamSung CD-RW SW-206 (6x4x32)
Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1212 (its a 6x DVD reader)

Here is what I did. I downloaded the Lite-On SecuRom [new] profile for CloneCD and used it when reading the original game on my Toshiba DVD-ROM (I read Toshiba’s are good readers and arbitrarily decided to use it). I burned it off from my Samsung burner also through Lite-On SecuRom [new] profiel option. OK, now it was time to try it. Here are my results:

ATAPI 52x maxx cd-rom-------- Game Runs Fine
SamSung CD-RW SW-206--------- Nothing happens, as if didn’t click launch icon
Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-M1212----- Nothing happens, as if didn’t click launch icon

I then enabled the CloneCd Tray and tried it in the burner with the Hide CDR Media option enabled. Still a no go.

So in conclusion, the game did copy 1:1 with no problem, but only plays in one no name brand drive AGAIN. I am baffled about all this AGAIN. I’m glad I made this on my first attempt AGAIN and with no coasters. But can ANYONE please explain in english like simple terms why it won’t play in any other CD-ROM, esp the one I used to read from???

Any suggestions or explainations anyone??? I hope I will be able to copy NWN and Age fo Mythology in the same manner.
Please leave any thoughts behind.
And congradulate me on my new COPY success. Good thing I got this crappy noisy no brand name CD-ROM, it seems to do more than than the pricey ones.