Empire Earth BWA File

Does anyone have a good BWA file for Empire Earth, the full game not the expansion?

You only need a BWA file for SecuRom and above
Empire Earth is SecuRom , so you wont need a BWA file.
Use CloneCD with the SecuRom profile and it should work.

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be my old burner that’s not up to the task 'cos I’ve followed the instructions I’ve found to the letter and all I’m doing is inflating my coaster collection. Thanks anyway. I’ll see how it goes once I’ve got the new one. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

ru talking about empire earth original or the addon?

original doesnt need a bwa file, the addon does.

what kind of burner is required to burn with these new bwa files? would a 1 sheep or no sheep burner work? how does it have to be a 2 sheep or more specific liteon ?

the newest Empire Earth patch (2.0) updates the SecuROM version to 4.83.x. The mounted cloneCD image runs sometimes without a BWA file but often the start fails so a BWA file for this game would be nice, so anyone?

Liteon seems to be the best for SecuROM atm

when i made a bwa for it it was flat no curves at all. the origional of corse not a copy of a backup. i do’nt see what its reading. very strange.