Empire at War



I have a Sony DRU-510A as a writer (or reader if need be) and a Toshiba SD-M1502 as a reader. I have CloneCD

I made a copy using “Protected PC Game” and the copy would not play. The game says it cannot verify the disk.

Do I just need to wait for another update for this? I read that this was protected by SecuROM 7.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I just experienced the same problem.

CD Clone
Lite-On LTR-52327S CD burner
CD-R Memorex media
Game: Star Wars: Empire at War

I made a copy of Disc 1, used the copy to install the game, continued installing using the original Disc 2, then tried to launch the game using the copy of Disc 1. The program couldn’t launch, stating that the disc was not the right one. I was able to launch the game using the original Disc 1.

I have 2 machines at home and want to have a launch disc for each machine, is there a way to get this done? Or do I need to wait for an update to CD Clone?

Thanks for alll helpful advice!


I think you’re talking about Star Wars Empire At War using this guide for the protected disc in combination with CloneCD should solve your problem.

CloneCD: Copying SecuROM 4.8x protected games