Empire at War 1.05

I followed these instructions to the letter and I’m still asked to insert original disk instead of backup:

1] Install the game and apply the Update v1.05.

2] Get the latest version of Daemon Tools (v4.08HE), mount the Mini-Image FPS_EAW1.mds) and enable all emulation options in Daemon Tools.

3] Download the latest version of YASU (v1.07) and execute it. Press Ok.

4] Play the game, have fun…

and I STIIL get this message -

I also tried a dozen other programs instead of YASU, nothing worked.

Welcome uniks,

first off all you normally don’t have to enable all emulations options when playing from an image these options are for emulated backups on a CD/DVD. How did you create the image and where is this info from?

Everything is from here-

Then you’ll find all the help you need here and here.