Hi there.
A friend has managed to copy Emperor: Battle for Dune so we can play it on a LAN he has set up in his house. He used XP and Clony XXL to copy the CD’s( he was warned that there was 7 skulls).
When I install the copied CD’s to my P111 with 384mb mem and Win98SE it installs OK. But when the copied cd is run I get a Page Error and the game crashes. When I run it from the original cd’s I do not get the error. What can be the cause of it? On the other hand the ccopied CD’s work perfectly for him. (The same seems to happen with C&C Renegade)

what program did you use to create the copy?

clonyxxl is just a copy protection finder and windows xp built in software cannot backup protected games successfully.

You are getting that error because the backup produced is crap.

Please tell us what reader/writer you are also using.

Alternatively check my sig and you won’t need to go through all that hassle to create a backup :iagree: :wink:

PLease read the post carefully before making comments about “crap”. If the copy was “crap” why would it work on his PC? I’m basically assking what COULD be the problem. And the proof that it is not “crap” is the fact that they work on his PC

It depends on what program he used. if for example he made it with blindwrite then it will have autoply in the background helping the disc along. This is called emulation, so it’s not surprising the discs works on his computer. Most backup software have their own form of emulation that helps out if the user doesn’t have the right hardware. It is a way of keeping compatability high, so many people will buy their soft but at the cost of making semi-crap copies. (sometimes this is the only way, ie at the mo with starforce)

When you take away the helping hand (emulation) ie playing the disc in another computer it will not work.

Please don’t take offence to the word crap, it is only being used in the context of a badly porduced game disc.

To solve your porblem i need to know what software he used to create the backup and also the hardware.

No offence at the use of the “crap” word. The local one (in South Africa is much worse)
Ok lets get to the nitty gritty. He has a P4 with 256mb of mem and is running XP. He uses CloneCD to copy cd’s and uses ClonyXXL to get at the protection. His writer is a Aopen (sorry I do not know the exact model).

I have a P3 with 384mb of mem and am running Win98SE with all the updates. My graphic card is still a 16mb one (he has a 128mb one)

As said the program installs perfectly from CD1 (copy) but as soon as the program is run it comes up with the Page Error. If I run the orriginal version it works perfectly.

Aand on top of it ass the copied versions work correctly on his PC.

ok Emperor - Battle For Dune is Safedisc 2.30.31, so in clonecd setting he needs to use a safedisc 2 profile. This can be found here.

Now with safedisc backups they are not perfect, so you won’t be able to play the disc in a writer. If you are using a cd-rom and it still doesn’t work then his aopen (really would help if you had the model) cannot backup this game.

The reason it installs fine is because the guard module in safedisc only kicks in when you try to play the game. They don’t care whether you can install it or not. They are just trying to stop you from playing it.

You are getting the same error with c&c renegade because it is again safedisc protected. To copy this protection it is very hadware dependent. This therefore points me to believe that his writer isn’t good enough. To get around this you will need to install clonecd on your computer and use it’s emulation. On the tray icon of clonecd you will need to check “hide cd-r media” before the game will run.

P.s the game is running on his machine becasue he probably has “hide cd-r media” checked by default. Try disabling it and see if it still runs.

this makes sense. I will try it and get back to you.

or like i also said, use gamejackel. It’s a lot easier to set up and you will never need to make a disc in the first place.

Finances finances finances!!! or should I say the l ack of it…

ok well, there’s always the free trial and low introductory offer :iagree: :wink: :bigsmile:

@ Ockingshay

You don’t have to enable this option because the ATIP check was included in SafeDisc 2.41+ version.

@ leonvdm1

Posting this would really be a great help, even if it’s your friends computer and we can take a look if a ‘1:1’ backup is possible. But regarding to Safedisc 2.30.31 it shouldn’t be a real big problem, but it is still hardware dependant. At least you need a 1sheep burner. Your friend can also do the sheep test, take a look here or read this guide by Womble how this works :).

P.S Ockingshay,

It’s Game Jackal not GameJackel:)

Yes, SafeDisc incorporated the ATIP check in at version 2.41 onwards.

LOL, apples and oranges.