Emperor for dune

Hoi luitjes,

Weet iemand wanneer dit spel in nederland uitkomt want dit lijkt me echt een tegek spel.



drpeer_holland je bedoelt waarschijnlijk dit spel Emperor: Battle for Dune.

De release datum staat op:

Publisher: EA Games Genre: Strategy

Developer: Westwood Studios Release: 15/06/2001

For more than 15 years, Westwood Studios has been designing and developing games that span nearly the entire spectrum of traditional PC genres. But though the Las Vegas-based developer has released numerous role-playing, adventure, and action games in the past, Westwood is most popular for its successful line of strategy games, more specifically, the Command & Conquer series. Released in 1995, Command & Conquer defined the dynamics of real-time strategy gaming, and even to this day the game continues to influence recent RTS games. But as popular as the game was (and continues to be), few know that it was Westwood’s Dune II that laid the groundwork for Command & Conquer. Originally released for the PC in 1992, Dune II was Westwood’s attempt at popularizing the relatively small wargame genre by making a game that incorporated new gameplay ideas and yet was still accessible to a broad range of users. Westwood succeeded, and the result was the game widely acknowledged as the pioneer of the real-time strategy genre as we know it today. Now, nearly eight years later, Westwood is steeped in the development of the true sequel to Dune II, Emperor: Battle for Dune.

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Emperor: Battle for Dune represents Westwood’s foray into the world of the 3D real-time strategy genre. For some time, developers have been using 3D technology to design their RTS games, and Westwood critics have been vocal about the company’s decision to stay mired in 2D. And while the company’s recently announced action game, Command & Conquer: Renegade, makes full use of 3D technology, Westwood’s venerable line of strategy games have retained aging 2D tile-based systems… until now. Westwood will officially announce Emperor: Battle for Dune later this week, but we were invited to take a firsthand look at this strategy game before its unveiling. We first saw the game a few months ago, although at the time, it was nothing more than a technology demonstration. During a more recent trip to the Westwood offices, we could clearly see the progress made by the development team on Emperor: Battle for Dune. Westwood’s first 3D real-time strategy game is coming along nicely.

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Westwood asserts that the game will have all the benefits of a 3D real-time strategy game while retaining the accessibility of Command & Conquer or Red Alert 2. But Emperor: Battle for Dune is more than just a 3D version of Command & Conquer. Like Electronic Arts’ Shogun: Total War, Emperor: Battle for Dune will feature a strategic layer where you’ll be able to manage your forces on a much broader level before diving into each battle. You’ll also be able to choose from eight different factions, fight on four completely unique worlds, and play through the entire campaign online. It’s certainly an ambitious feat, and we’re the first with the in-depth info. Let’s take a look at Emperor: Battle for Dune.