Emperex dvd+-rw

Ibought an Emperex ±rw a while back abnd thought that it was a 2x and come to find out it should be a 4x. Father in law bought exact same one and his is 4x. How would i Get mine to write at 4x? I already tried firmware and that sucked had to use Nortons Go Back.


How can I tell wheter it is really a 2x or 4x I already tried to google and that really didnt help and tried nero info tool and it gave me N/A for write speed.


a buddy of mine is having the same problem. he e-mailed emperex but hasn’t gotten a response.

cowboy up

It is a 4x drive. Put a 4x certified blank disc in the drive and use DVDInfoPro or DVD Identifier to view the allowed write speeds.

Look in this forum:


It is a BTC drive and I would update the firmware as they have made quite a few improvements. Also, insure that the drive is running in DMA mode or you will never break 2X…