Eminent 2.5" eSATA/USB & 3.5" USB HDD enclosures review

I just posted the article Eminent 2.5" eSATA/USB & 3.5" USB HDD enclosures review.

The nice thing with a HDD enclosure is that you can you choose what to put in. In this review we test two Eminent HDD enclosures against having its HDDs installed in the PC.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/review/eminent-2-5-esatausb-3-5-usb-hdd-enclosures-review-40994/](http://www.myce.com/review/eminent-2-5-esatausb-3-5-usb-hdd-enclosures-review-40994/)

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I really enjoyed to read the statement about USB standards compliance in that review. Thanks and Chapeau!

It is also good to see that the 2.5" enclosure has a connector to feed external power. They should really throw a small 5€ PSU like this: http://www.reichelt.de/?ACTION=3;ARTICLE=87343;PROVID=2402 into the box.

What I do not like at all is the deceiptive statement about USB 2.0 compliance which is written on the box. For this I would have given them the worst rating.