Eminem's latest CD probably copy protected



I just posted the article Eminem’s latest CD probably copy protected.

Record company Universal is in talks with rapper Eminem to copy protect his latest album and all other upcoming CD-releases against digital piracy. Eminem’s album good for probably millions of sold…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3778-Eminems-latest-CD-probably-copy-protected.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3778-Eminems-latest-CD-probably-copy-protected.html)

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ROTFLMAO sorry but i think i have a glitch in my matrix heard this all before remember the micheal jackson album that supossed to be heavy copy protected and whas floating on the net days before the cd whas in the store… And they will only stop a few home rippers nothing less nothing more any they loses again.


Who do popartist bother about copyprotections themselves … They dont bother aboutt the quality of the material of the disc itself. Most huge releases are produced way to fast, making the disc layer look real bad. . .Oh… did anyone notice that eminems latest (non released) singles (without me/what you say) are already to be found online … so why does he think protection will work? They should make the disc prices lower, then people wil just buy the album … but 22.50 € a copy is a bit much, ain’t it?


Strange. I see all these ‘copy-proof’ albums online weeks, sometimes months before they are available in stores. Guess it isn’t working eh?


Although I’m not into Eminem’s music, I done a search for ‘Eminem Without Me’ on Audiogalaxy and WinMX (the only 2 programs that work here behind the college’s firewall). On WinMX, I got 284 results in about 30 seconds. Audiogalaxy (which restricts copyright songs) returned several results without any of them marked as ‘X’ download restricted! :wink:


RNS released the single over a week ago. It contained the clean, and dirty song, plus 2 other versions of it!!!


One CD I won’t be tempted to copy.


k2audio hard to bypass! Black insulation tape over outer track and k2a GONE!


“Universal uses technology developed by Israeli firm Midbar Tech Ltd”. That probably means the Eminem album will be protected with Cactus Data Shield, not Key2Audio.


The fact we already can guess the protection method might show that it won’t be that much off a problem when the album comes out… I still dont get why record companies even bother, … I’d say spend all money involved in copy-protecting in lowering prices … :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t wait till it comes out, just so I can rip it and throw it up on an ftp. Eminem or somebody is having to pay for this protection. Maybe when they see how quick it is on the net, they will realize that it is a waste of money. Come down on the price and I might buy it and then rip it instead of ripping it from a copy :slight_smile:


i always have a good laugh when hearing the expression: “security enhanced” (cd/dvd/…) :4 It’s the opposite.


I say all the money spent on copy protection for this cd should be spent on singing lessons.


The harder the protection, the bigger the challenge to crack it…


Eminem-The_Eminem_Show-2002-*** :4