Eminem threatens internet file sharers - Still like him?

I just posted the article Eminem threatens internet file sharers - Still like him ?.

DLid used our newssubmit to tell us that in an interview rapstar Eminem has had some choice words to say to those people who have downloaded his new album in MP3:

The rapper said…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4127-Eminem-threatens-internet-file-sharers---Still-like-him-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4127-Eminem-threatens-internet-file-sharers---Still-like-him-.html)

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Fuck Eminem! Damn bastard! I feel embarrassed to be from the same home state as him. He’s nothing more than a pussy & my 2 ½ year old son could beat his ass. I downloaded few of his new songs & was going to go out & buy his new CD but now I’ll just download the whole thing, burn several copies & give them to my friends.

Little Shite yo’self Motherf#@ker! And I go: Lala—lalalalala-lalalala-la—Lalaaaa … Just a for a little controversy… HA-AH!!! I didn’t have your stuff yet En-ham-men… me iz just gonna wizz to Grokster to make u even 'appier!!! Poor Little Sod!

Eminem can go FCK himeself!!! He is a fcken bitch. Everyone go and copy all his music and share it with friends!! Buy Nothing!!!

You know I hate Eminem. Thats why I make it a poit to share his cd with everyone I can find who wants to have it. I had it weeks ahead of it’s release date as did many others. Did not seem to hurt sales much did it. He is just a greedy bastard. I hope some day someone kicks his ass good and it’s caught on video so I can share that as well

Hey eminem you of all people to call somebody else scrawny you little fag boy.Anytime you write in and i would love to see you try to kick my ass you white trash mommys boy

I heard his last album and after hearing it , i’ll take classical music over that garbage any day of the week. I’m also impressed by 10 words that i read in the post, must be his IQ.

God… this is like Lars Ulrich and Metallica all over again. Eminem’s comments are pretty funny though.

Well I don’t have any mNm but I think I rip a CD and give to my kids juvy friends just so the slut get screwed out of some cash.

File-Sharing made his album that popular. It created a huge buzz. I thought he was Mr. Thankful for whatever he has, like he said in a interview. His album sold like it was good. Now that litle bitch whines. Hey be thankful you’ll never have to work a hard days worth of work in your lifetime. We do, we work so that other people are richer. When I cut a corner to save $15 bucks, don’t bitch. Cause I’m just trying to elevate myself to your level.

Eminem should quit doin’ his shitty rap (is that sht rap? oh, no, it’s only sht) and shut up. The more he says against mp3 sharing, the more mp3 of his I will share.

woww, that news is like a month old dudes…

It would be cool if he meant it sarcastic, but I doubt it with him…

Uh, Moby had defenders with his very anti-download policies. Eminem didn’t seem to say one word about those who downloaded the album, simply the fellow who put it up there for download. Similar to Radiohead’s album Kid A. Huge precautions were taken to keep the album from being leaked, and after it eventually was the group was disappointed. Radiohead support song swapping, however they didn’t want the album released early. They had a release date set for a reason, and they wanted the album to be unveiled on the day of release. Again, Radiohead supports file swapping… but if you’d take their words out of context with respects to Kid A it might seem otherwise. So either before you people bash and swear and complain that you can’t steal your cd music for free… listen to what he saying. Did he say screw all you guys that downloaded it? No he said everything against the “scrawny little dickhead going ‘I’m going to put it on the internet’” Nothing against the fans out there who downloaded that album. Take a second to listen before you get on your high horses you damn bunch of freeloaders. And Enojada, to say file sharing made his new album popular? Do you understand anything about TRL and teen music. They buy the latest fad… it’s the same with Backstreet Boys, Nsync and Eminem… every album release will sell from those groups will sell for a short span. This has nothing to do with the internet. I know you want to believe your stealing music has some effect on album sales, and it might… but not in any increasing way. And you’re the type who spread the bad name for fileswapping. The Eminem album is readily available for under $10. Best Buy was at one point selling it for $10.99 w/bonus DVD. That’s a fair price. Saying you’re just cutting a corner, no you’re stealing the music. It’s cutting the corners that’s making the RIAA come down so hard on all the services. You’re ruining it for those like me who use it legally to find new artists and expose themselves to new music. It must be nice to go around and just decide that $10 is too much for something, so it’s okay to steal it. I want a camcorder at Best Buy but it’s $900 I think it’s only worth about $50 so I’ll just steal it…

Fuck Eminem. Here is the answer from a filesharer: Download Without Me (the real one and not he fake) this way: Download sig2dat at wwww.geocities.com/vlaibb and install it Open Sig2dat Make sure KaZaA, KaZaA Lite, iMesh or Grokster are not running Copy the lines below and hit “Past from clipboard” in Sig2dat. Start up KaZaA, KaZaA Lite, iMesh or Grokster Wait till you get connected and have a look in your Transfer screen. Isn’t this nice? Check out www.fasttrackmovies.com and their forum for more! ____ Copy the lines below____ File: Eminem - Without Me.mp3 Length: 4700915 Bytes, 4591KB UUHash: =YJ/k58SUVACywx/VuZyMSwOvk+g=

First of all i dont know whats Worse MnM`s shitty rap bullshit being compared to music from artists with actual musical tallent. or the people who actually listen to his shit and like it. i wouldnt dirty my cd player or hard drive with anything from him or those like him, but im glad that he is so pissed at people who share his cd. ha ha ha fucking ha! you little piece of shit isnt it about time you dried up and blew away with the wind like a good little turd? as for him kicking anyones ass i cant imagine whos ass he might be able to kick, michael jackson maybe but ill bet it would be a close fight. people like MnM should be thankfull that my little rubberband hasnt snapped yet…cuz one of these days it just might and ill have to become “the rapper killer” and he would deffinately make my hit list. :d DEATH TO RAP!

up until 3 months ago Eminem didn’t even know what a computer was.

…and up until 1 month ago he didnt even know what the internet was

that’s pretty funny… i mean i’m studying to be a software engineer knowing that my software will be pirated all over the place, but hey, you should do it if you like it. not cause you can collect every single penny… well. just cause of what he said, i think i’ll just go pirate it even though i dont like his music.

I am soooo pissed i actually bought his album. That free DVD that came with it was shithouse!