Eminem sues Apple for copyright infringement

I just saw this and it is nice to see the artist fighting back on their own!

Rap singer Eminem has accused Apple of copyright infringement in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit, according to a story in The Detroit News.

Full story here.


I’m missing something here.
If Universal sold something it didn’t own, the rights to Eminem’s music as a digital download, why is he suing Apple ?

The rap artist representatives have filed a multimillion-dollar suit against Apple for selling downloads of Eminem’s music on iTunes without compensation.

Another episode of the story here.

OK I get it.
The music publishers are unhappy with the current “profit” split with the labels.
By rights they should take it out of Universal’s hide but Apple is a much more tempting target.
Apple may settle because it’s cheaper and less hassle then a court battle ( a mistake but it’s their money ) that’s almost certain to net them bad PR. After all, they caved before ( It was an out of court settlement and I don’t have any info on it. Apple could well have been in the wrong or they could just have thought it wasn’t worth the effort. ).
But going by the PC World article Eminem is being poorly advised.
The only real weapon and artist has in this battle with big money titans is the moral one and suing Apple to pressure Universal throws it away.

I see thanks for the insight.

Perhaps he’s not after Universal, but on their side?

It’s no secret that content producers don’t want digital distribution of their content & if Apples settles with MnM then it sets a terrible precedent for distributors to lose out any court case by any artist, but tightens the reigns & quickly kills off Digital Distribution which is directly competing with traditional tangible distribution.

But “tangible” distribution is already dead (It’s all over but the internment).
What this looks like is a last ditch attempt to grab what money there is and run ( I don’t think that publisher is planning on paying Eminem either. ).

Ever heard the phrase: “Flogging a Dead Horse”?
The tangible content distribution system is run by a bunch of jockeys :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s quite humorous that they don’t realise that digital distribution has passed the finish line, before the T.C.D.S has saddled the horse :stuck_out_tongue:

You nailed it.