Eminem sells 1.3M in first week - blame piracy?

I just posted the article Eminem sells 1.3M in first week - blame piracy ?.

lou slush used our newssubmit to tell us that Eminem has sold 1.3 M albums in it’s first week. We post this as a follow up on several other postings about Eminem.

The US rapper -known for his…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3973-Eminem-sells-1_3M-in-first-week---blame-piracy-.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3973-Eminem-sells-1_3M-in-first-week---blame-piracy-.html)

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The real fans buy it in the store anyway the cd self is incl a dvd.

… Interscope Records pushed the release date up to May 26… Interscope records? Is that the same as Nothing-Interscope (NIN company??) Boy, have they gone popular or what?

Keep feeding the RIAA. The more money you give them, the more money they have to buy legislation that robs you of your freedoms.

I blame the people with poor taste for making this piece of trash sucessful.

First off, DinZy: Yeah right, and I blame the people that created this forum for the fact that idiots like you get to speak their minds freely. If you don’t like Eminem, why did you read this post? Nothing better to do? Go listen to your N Sync cd. Second, fb- : So you think never buying a cd actually helps? I don’t believe that. I agree, we shouldn’t be buying copy-protected cd’s, but since this cd has no copy-protection or whatsoever, I see nothing wrong in buying it. Buying the (not copy-protected) cd, might actually be a signal to recordcompanies that unprotected cd’s do sell very well.

On the DVD included with the CD, during a interview Eminem says thanks to all his fans who bought his CD’s and to the ones who downloaded it from the internet and made copies for their friends… Now I dont know if he is serious cause he puts a stupid look on his face when he finishes saying it… But at least theres no copy protection and as shitty as the DVD is its still a DVD included with his album… If now more record labels would include DVD’s but with much better content instead of investing in copy protections…

Storn_Par… I think you ought to get a life if you like that crap and to say the other guy likes N Sync or whoever (I couldn’t give a shit about them either) is having a stab in the dark at his musical tastes is it not? How the hell do you know what anyone else likes? Eminem is just a little doggy turd on the great pavement of life and the sooner he is swept away the better. We all like to read these posts and yes we have a lot more better things to do and it seems to me that you obviously haven’t. I mean, from your post YOU don’t speak YOUR mind freely but us ‘idiots’ do. Which to me is great coz we therefore think and can deduce things and come up with logical reasoning for all the exciting things that happen in our world. What about you? Oh, sorry… you just sit with your headphones on in a little corner of your room listening to that crap coz you’ve probably got no friends while us ‘idiots’ put the world to rights. I wonder why folk like you subscribe to a site like this if you weren’t interested in copying CD’s etc…?? Keep smiling : hopefully Eminem will just fade away soon… :4

Reaction ? maybe :d … Someone can help Eminem to stop making music (maybe I should use “noise”) … plz … just kill him … it’s enough :d

HATERZZZZZZ!!! Why hate on someone who has made it to the top. The funny thing is you all find the time to speak about him and know who he is. I wonder if he knows who you all are??? You do the math losers!

Don’t worry about them TBonz and Storn_Par … they are all attacking something they don’t understand, they are probably all 16yo’s living in their parents basements who spend 8+hrs a day on the internet masturbating to the thought of a real life they wish they could only have. Eminem is a lyrical genius, he has gone through the bad time but he made it in the end (a “Soldier”). He doesn’t sing about the birds, the bees and the flowers or trees, he actually talks about serious stuff that happens unlike Jennifer Lopez or soo many other so called ‘singers’ who talk about their boyfriends dumping them (yeah… right) As for everyone else in the forum who is talking about how they would not copy cd’s, just remember that not everyone out there is as ‘honest’ as everyone in here. Just imagine if everyone knew how to download entire cd’s off the internet, nobody would buy the records and the artist will get nothing for their hard earned work. “Oh but I would pay for one song I want” … BULL$#!+, you’ll still copy it because it costs nothing. I’m not saying I’m innocent but I actually buy a lot of music, and I copy a bit too… i don’t deny it. Most of you probably only listen to top50 music and don’t have a clue how REAL musicians make it in the real world, bands like Linkin Park had been sticking to their music for 15-20 years, getting by on next to nothing until they made it big… Now don’t they deserve what belongs to them? Sooner or later everyday people will know how to get full cd’s off the internet and nobody will buy music… it will happen, maybe not today, not tomorrow but it will. I’m not saying I endorse copy protection because I don’t, when i get cd’s in MP3 them instantly because it’s more convenient to play them though my PC or Rio Vault. But I’m just saying stop bitching about how you are sooo hard done by all of this.

LOL, you listen to Eminem and Linkin Park and you try to accuse us of listening to top 50 radio? Sorry I just couldn’t help but point out the irony in that. :d I know you’re probably just a high school student, but there really is a huge world of music beyond Mtv and Corporate Radio, I promise you. :slight_smile:

Who gives a rats arse who likes who…music is a universal language from the time the first neanderthal started banging on a hollow log. I’m betting a lot of people who listen to rap don’t like classical or african tribal, yet without these origins you would not have the music we have today. There isn’t BETTER music, only what people prefer. Save that mines better than yours shit for the playground and when you listen to your rock, rap, hillbilly jazz, mozart, thank the apeman…he started it all…:7

well well well - even if the whitey rapper boy had something - ehm fresh tyhe first time around … eg a lot of profanity that ppl craved and cared for … this time around he has a fancy video clip with an absolutely crappy backdrop of music and some totally b$ lyrics to top it all off … c mon guys … why should i lock my self inside a box and listen to that crap ??? I 'll give you one cool example … i wast a particulalrly big fan of Pain of Salvation and their album remedy lane (3rd) but when i heard it i was gobsmacked ? if they were on the mainstrream they would be big …bigger than your bloody nickelback or whoever a major corp is shoving down our collective throats ?! but no …?! just chk them out … judge for yourself … there 's a lot of great music that does not get heard - instead you get an endlaess repetition of boring songs twice or thrice per day ??? can you rave in your bedroom ? i guess not ? can you rock in a dance club i guess - not … music should fit mmods and occasions … no prob - if you like more than one think … i like psycherdelic, reggae and metal ? and could go into a great depth on each … also classical and jazz ethnic … let the mp3s be free … the record companies are bound to fall unless they change their ways and listen to the crowd !!

Nice to see a discussion going on here :). I love these message boards. Just another one for Augustus & all other Eminem-haters: It’s because of you that people feel like shit and start writing all these lyrics containing explicit language. If it wasn’t for you, stabbing other people for their own opinion, the world would be a lovely, sweet place, without all the hate and explicit shit. The entire agressive music scene is there because of people like you. And I love it, by the way :4

“Save that mines better than yours shit for the playground” <-- Amen to that… For all you who claim your music is better, and you don’t listen to top 50 radio, blah, blah, blah… then Wtf do you care about Eminem, or nsync or whoever… if you dont listen to it, how do you know what the lyrics are like? How do you know Eminem is profane and nsync is cookie cutter boy band material… you must be listening to it somewhere? Top 50 radio and mtv maybe? Not everything on the radio and MtV is “good” in my opinion either but im not going to spout off about it… Theres also a lot of music out there thats not in the mainstream, yet a lot of people love it. Am i going to flame your musical preference because it differs from mine? Noooo… If you want to flame Eminem, go start a thread called I Hate Eminem and flame away. Until then, go to the top of this thread. Reread the news. And try to post something related to the topic. Check the Posting guidelines before you post: “Posting Guidelines -Post reactions in English. -Only post on-topic comments. Off-topic stuff can be discussed in our forum. -Tell a story, do not just say it rulez or it sucks! These postings are likely to be removed -Do not start flaming or offense other people. Keep it nice here!”

digiphreak for President! :slight_smile:

I thought this CD was Protected…What a Waist of money…It would be better to spend the money, getting Counciling for his bad Attitude. I like some of his Music. But do not like the way he treats people. :c