Emily rose



i tried but without success to copy the exorcism of emily rose;i tried with dvd shrink, dvd fab and clone dvd2 latest version.somebody can help me ?


Welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

I’m assuming, since you’re from France, that you have the Region 2 version of Emily Rose.

CloneDVD2, along with AnyDVD running, worked perfectly for my region 2 copy. :slight_smile:


thanks for your answer.may be it s my copy, but it doesnot work with me.i dowloaded
the latest version of clonedvd2 it begins but stops with cyclic redundancy check .i cleaned the disc but still the same error.i dont have the lastest version of any dvd do you think it could be that ?


considering that clonedvd does NOT decrypt anything and you must have an up to date version of anydvd in order to properly decrypt then that is very likely the problem.

this is also why you should ALWAYS include version NUMBERS when referring to software.

update to the latest anydvd and then let us know how you’re doing.


it worked fine with the latest version of anydvd .thanks to all for your help.