EMI Sues To Stop Cell Phone Tones

I just posted the article EMI Sues To Stop Cell Phone Tones.


EMI Music Publishing filed a $45 million copyright infringement suit against Global Music One today, accusing the company of allowing users to download more than…

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Forgive me for laughing out loud

Well, bottom line is that yourmobile gets scared and shuts down…another cool site fucked up by those assholes.

Wow!!! How dumasses can these yuppies be? I mean, it’s only making money that they’re thinking of ? (even if this made through stupid law-suits ??? ). It’s amazing…


You can just about understand them trying to get Napster shut down as it probably has an adverse effect on record sales, but RINGTONES!!! Please! Do these morons really think that just because I have the Mission: Impossible ringtone on my Nokia it would prevent me from buying the Limp Bizkit song? Yeah, I can just see people all around the world dancing around their mobile phones!

The only other possibility is that they intend to sell and rip us off for ringtones too!


Good thing I got rid of my old wath that played “Yellow Rose of Texas” ! What friggin’ next? What about the wind up crib toy that plays ‘Rock-A-by-Baby’

Oops that was “my old WATCH”

Whatever next ?

these money grabbing fools, sons of slags make me sick. if they had thier way they will soon be charging us for breathing.

No further cooments.

*RISC thinks whats the world coming to

EMI are either extraordinary greedy bastards or having a belated april fools joke!

All I gotta say to them is: “Eat my shorts” and they can sue me for using that too!!!

Oh yeah, and the really scarey bit is that at some point in those guy’s lives they were actually kids and knew how to have fun and enjoy life without trying to rape every last cent out of people. I wonder how they changed from being fun loving teenagers into being uptight, money hungry, one track minded, no sence of humour, freaky, anally retentive morons who cant let people just do things for a bit of fun in life. The scarey thing is that you never know, the kid next door could turn into one of those freaks, better shoot him now just in case. Ooops, I shouldn’t have said that, all the americans that read this might actually think it’s a valid feasible idea and try it. I WAS JOKING!!! Don’t shoot anyone!!!


Yeah sent them ALL lame ass tones…like that mambo#5 stuff etc…
I’m sure it would be straightforward gettin their mobile #'s anyone game?


Guess I’m in for a lawsuit 'cause today on my way home from work I whistled a metallica song, a full two bars I think…!!! Greed will get you fat and lazy… and when your fat and lazy your a prime target…

// SuperCali

I’m sure these Ringer Tones are having an impact on Record Sales. Ha they make me laugh.

Anything to make the Buck or Two or $45 million… The consumers are the one who eventually have to pay more…

USA: Lands Of No Laws For big Corporate Companys like EMI.
Glad that i’m not located in USA.