EMI signs on with ad-driven P2P service to freely share music



I just posted the article EMI signs on with ad-driven P2P service to freely share music.

 In all  the efforts the music industry is trying to fight off P2P, never mind trying to make it a crime,                         music labels are gradually looking back  to it as a potentially...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11936-EMI-signs-on-with-ad-driven-P2P-service-to-freely-share-music.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11936-EMI-signs-on-with-ad-driven-P2P-service-to-freely-share-music.html)

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Sounds good 2 me.


I really don’t see this going anywhere, DRM infested and having to watch ads, double whammy. I’m honestly expecting the labels are going to make you watch atleast 3 ads per track, and 3 more ads everytime the track expires. Didn’t companies offer ‘free’ long distance the same way? That didn’t take off, and neither will this.


The industry just doesn’t get it. People don’t want a product with restrictions and crap attached that comes on like a con or a ball and chain. Maybe they should stop trying to educate the public and spen a little time listening. Wow! What a concept!


so if I had alot of time on my hands, I could sit and wait for ads, and download a free song. If I had even more time, I could simply record the drm song during playback, even if it was to a lesser audio format…its still free!!!