EMI sales slump as piracy continues to hit music industry

I just posted the article EMI sales slump as piracy continues to hit music industry.

A drive to slash jobs and dump B-list acts helped push the ailing music giant EMI Group back into profit in the first half year of 2002, but sales continued to tumble. EMI is the world’s third…

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I would be nice to see an article relating to DVD sales from the movie & gaming industries. This way it would make it clearer if piracy is really affecting the music industry or is it just its customers getting fed up with audio only entertainment. E.g. Other sources would include watching DVDs in the evening and playing portable game consoles while travelling instead of listening to CDs. :9 Some of my mates are hooked on games and say they have no time for listening to CDs and several others stopped buying CDs once the price went above €20 per album!

Lets get real here, the ‘music’ industry don’t give a shit about music, they only care about making money. QED 99.99% of chart music is shite! Therefore 99.99% of todays music is shite! Bands and artists are plastic and manufacturered just to make money. They don’t do it for the love of music of any style. The radio stations are just as guilty, churning out the mindless pap they’re no doubt paid to by the record companies hour after. I say screw the music industry, get back to basics, real bands, real music, real instruments and real talent. Perhaps artists out there might consider forgetting about getting record label signed and running their own show through their own website. Make a small charge for downloads of MP3s, maybe 50p per track, thereby an average album would cost £5-6 to download. All money goes to the artists. Forget the record company leaches…! All the pap is making our kids stupid, turning them into mindless robots. We need to ween them off this braindead crap. Wake up people and smell what the entire music industry is shovelling!

Its sad to see their reaction…dump B list bands …they decide what we can and cannot buy or listen to. Now if they were to market their music internet sales with " buy 10 songs and get 10 B list band songs free " wonder what the reaction would be. Can’t they get creative ?

Q. Can’t they get creative? A. No

Yeah . . but . . they’re still making shit loadsa cash even now, so what’s REALLY the fucking problem here ? The whinging ponses ! :4

Copying music should not be called piracy. Pirates were bad and copying things not for profit is not bad. Profit copying is only what will hurt the music industry, not free copying or downloading. Free copying or downloading does not affect the music industry at all.

http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/54/28009.html - lets not forget never to buy a CD from EMI again :slight_smile:

lol what industry isnt in it to make money fool rofl. thats the whole idea, without industry there is no jobs. UofM3000 there is NO justification for it, we do it because we can and its free and while its free and goes unpoliced we will continue to download it. no point making lame reasons what should and shouldnt be classed as piracy. you know i know everybody here knows its illigal, abuse it while you still can.

well said Golga!8