EMI Music Canada puts a lockdown on unreleased music downloads

I just posted the article EMI Music Canada puts a lockdown on unreleased music downloads.

 EMI Music Canada will be  using Musicrypt's security technology to prevent music from being leaked onto  the Internet prior to its intended release.  EMI and other labels that use ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6956-EMI-Music-Canada-puts-a-lockdown-on-unreleased-music-downloads.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6956-EMI-Music-Canada-puts-a-lockdown-on-unreleased-music-downloads.html)

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It would be naive to think that digital watermarks couldn’t be removed to render the files anonymous.

Will an analogue copy still hold the watermark? If not the system is as leak as before. Not that I care :wink:

Read it again “Without a physical copy changing hands”. What they are saying is that they are trying to make it so that no CD media ever gets around or any other media form. They don’t intend for this ‘file’ to go out on the internet either. They intend to let radio stations etc who have been given access to ‘stream’ the file if they wish to play it on their station etc. You may record it from the radio station of course. But then you have an incomplete file as they nearly always cut into the track near the beginning and end or add a voiceover like 'Big Shot Radio Exclusive". This is what they are saying. There will be no means for the general public at large to get a digital copy of it and they can trace any of the people that are given access if it is.

But the guys at the radio station can record the stream, take the recording home convert it to mp3 and spread it over the internet. Still leak;)