EMI in Europe music download and burning deal, to offer 140.000 songs

I just posted the article EMI in Europe music download and burning deal, to offer 140.000 songs.

Music label EMI has teamed up with several  large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer a new legal music download  service. The label will offer about 140.000 tracks of over 3000...
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I wonder… Is it really worth it? Is it all too late? I wonder what format they will use? If it is MP3 I shall not spend money for a poor quality sound (compared to the original). I have a radical solution to all this piracy problem. DROP THE PRICE OF CD’S !!! £12.00 for a cd is taking the piss. It costs less than £1.00 to produce. That includes distribution, artist royalties, artwork, production everything. Sell them in the shops for £5.00 each. Record company makes £2.00 and the retailer makes £2.00. End result is that the origional costs little more than the pirate version and is better quality. Also i would imagine that the volumes would go through the roof. Everyones a winner. However there is a problem with this idea… It needs a CEO with some balls to make the bold move of doing it first. He who dares wins…:X

Where can i download all european songs freely