EMI becomes 1st major record company to drop DRM

I just posted the article EMI becomes 1st major record company to drop DRM.

Finally after years of the music industry treating online paying customers like criminals by crippling music with DRM, the major music group EMI has decided to make its entire catalogue online…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13188-EMI-becomes-1st-major-record-company-to-drop-DRM.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13188-EMI-becomes-1st-major-record-company-to-drop-DRM.html)

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I’m sorry, what a total load of hog wash crap. Fine - good for them for finally seeing the light and dropping DRM but from the sounds of this, this has nothing to do with offering us the customer a better service, they’ve just realised they can make even more profit on an already outrageous price per track now. Any excuse they can find to put the prices up, I’m sure its to cover the ever INCREASING price of bandwidth to supply the songs with (what? bandwidth is getting cheaper you say?!? what, and so is the storage for the servers to save the tracks to?!? then what on earth could this higher cost be for? :r

I like the idea to cherry pick songs, even though they are a bit more now, at least you do not need to buy the filler. The other nice thing is they have set the bar higher on the quality of the downloadable product. 256Kbps AAC encoded and now DRM-free. It is just as good as CD now I think at the bitrates they offer. The removal of DRM will be a great experiment to watch. At least now, you can begin to hope for making a purchase based on features…not what DRM it supports. I say Hooray! :X

Me likes. The price is ok too but it’d be nice to have a Flac. Do they already have a service where one can order custom covers?

Crippled DRM tracks were already too expensive at $0.99 and now they want to hike the price for a DRM-free version? The DRM tracks should drop down to $0.49 each and the higher quality ones should be $0.99. Oh well, still not using Itunes and looks like I never will at this rate. :r

hmmm, the article has holes bigger then a Northern Territory Road Train in it , with no mention of the value or payment of royalties to the artist or estates! of the singer or songwriter! but then again , EMI is basically a lame duck has been of so last century! , for approximately 68% of the corporate income is derived from royalty payments of the music they published in the sixties and seventies of a past century! now , if they offered the same deal as per the "Crazy Ivans over at Allofmusic " then it maybe a goer? But how long can you sell the same identical dead horse into an over saturated and collapsing shrinking market after 2015? :X