EMI Australia is ready to copy-protect all future audio CDs

I just posted the article EMI Australia is ready to copy-protect all future audio CDs.

On the Australian IT website we can find an article in which EMI Australia announces that they will start copy-protecting all their audio releases next year. Our thanks goes to Shaun for submitting…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4987-EMI-Australia-is-ready-to-copy-protect-all-future-audio-CDs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4987-EMI-Australia-is-ready-to-copy-protect-all-future-audio-CDs.html)

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I am a big consumer of audio CDs - I have 250+ in my collection. But I also d/l the odd track. So what? If I find I like all the songs a band puts out I’ll buy the album instead of d/l the singles. But I will never, ever buy a copy-protected disk. So the record companies are turning me, a loyal consumer, into a non-consumer. Why? Because my reward for buying their product is that they treat me like a criminal. Good day.

Zulu, are you saying that you won’t shop in a supermarket with surveillance cameras, won’t walk in streets if police around? I just be honest, I won’t buy CD anymore no matter it is protected or not.

I read recently on Afterdawn that fake copies of Robbie Williams’ Escapology have been spread over the Kazaa network. As a test, I downloaded a few of its tracks as a test to see what they sound like and they played perfectly from start to finish. Strange :wink:

Man, I agree with zulu totally. I’ve got somewhere close to 600 bought CD’s in my collection. And I’ve always preffered a honestly bought CD with real covers and all… BUT I will NEVER buy a copy-protected CD, where I DON’T have the option of choosing WHERE to play it. If I wan’t to play the CD in my car without pop’s and click’s, I think after spending 19€, I should have that right. The introduction of copy-protections have, just like Zulu stated, made me (a legal user) pissed off and I will copy every Copy protected CD I find interesting instead of buying it. (since it won’t be playable in it’s original form on every device anyway!!!) Just my 5 cents.

I won’t buy protected audio cd’s for this reason and this reason only: How many retailers will take audio (or any software product) back, if it proves to be incompatible? If companies would change their return policies to address stuff like this, I honestly wouldn’t have a problem with it.

They are realy dumb enough to say: …copy-protected, which means the music cannot be digitally copied to blank CDs or other digital formats. Gräfdig

Well, so far I havn’t had any problems with returning CDs that are incompatible (nice Goodwill of the store perhaps). Ofcurse I do a copy that DO work in my Car and DVD player first :wink:

Well, im from Melbourne Australia and sad to say i bought a CD not to long ago with copy-protrction on it. Totally frustrated, i jumped online and came across CdFreaks which led me to a program called Total recorder. In about an hour i had a digital copy of the CD sitting on my hard-drive. The quality was a bit dodgey at first so i bought a good soundcard (about 30bucks for a soundblaster). I then used the program again to copy the CD and was totally blown with the quality of the music. I ran a line from my stereo headphone output into the ‘line in’ on my soundcard, and the rest was Total Recorder. Im not too fussed about this audio protection crap. Its a little inconvenient, but it wont stop me or anybody else for that fact. Thanks CDFreaks and Total Recorder and EMI for the challenge!!! :d