EMI and Sony-BMG revisit CD copy protection



I just posted the article EMI and Sony-BMG revisit CD copy protection.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about this interesting story at The Register this morning. It appears that Sony-BMG and
EMI are indicating that the party is over for pirates (and…

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So, I can still use a Line in cable to import the sound directly from a CD player, and using good quality cables the sound quality should be almost as good as the original CD, and this would only have to be temporary untill a crack/method was done for this protection. Ben :slight_smile:


I think that they sould understand that people want to be able to but there cds onto an mp3 player because there smaller and can hold so much music. I think because of this cd sales are going to drop and iTunes is going to go way up because form iTunes and other places like it. For one you can just buy the whole cd then but it on your mp3 player and burn a copy if you want.


To Sony/BMG: Nobody likes you. (and your music). If you make crap and then use crappy carrier to offer it and then try to restrict your end consumer from fair use - then you might as well keep it up your bottom for yourself. LinuxMac users cannot copy it at all and the rest cannot get mp3 for their Flash players. There is only one of a 1000 consumers who listen music on hi-fi only, and thats how many you gonna have left. Stupid d_ckheads, keep blaming p2p piracy… Cheers. FidelC


I want to see a backlash. Vendors need to realise that when we pay money for a product, WE as customers will decide what we want to do with it. They also need to realise that WE will keep defeating their scehemes ad nauseum and that THEY will only be throwing good money after bad, no matter what they do. It’s not a war they can win and eventually they will be taught this lesson. End of discussion.
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you’ve gotta laugh. All they are doing is shooting themselves in the foot. The price of CDs, and all these restrictions. Hmm. Makes you think twice, dunnit? Once bitten twice shy and all that.


There we go again…the standard of “CD Digital Audio” doesn’t allow the inclusion of software other than the “wav” music files. So we are buying CD-Roms with music and control software, that force us to install it “inside” “our computers”, if we want to listen to the music…and all this after getting paid by ourgoodselves!!! Ok, we get the special favour of copy authorization to use in the car…but if our local law allows it, is no favour at all !!! And what is the “price” we have to pay, quality wise, when we listen to theses discs in a good Hi-Fi system? Presented as the perfection and eternal media, the CD has the signal cut outside the band 20-20000 Hz. Some recordings are just crap, in technical grounds (mixing, balance, etc.), and we were expecting it to go the direction of quality (old LP still can give the CD a run, in a good system), SACD was supposed to be it but the market went another directions: DVD-Audio, not the best quality if quality meens something other than 5+1 or 7+1, and all the compressed formats that started as CD quality to become “near CD quality”, but represent the Eldorado for the industry. They dream about the day they can dematerialize music sales, cut the distribution costs, and sell only online compressed files to you, in a way they continue to control those files inside your own machines. Meanwhile, we have a good solution: don’t take the discs from the shelf and don’t go after compressed music downloads at the price of a good CD.


so forgive my ignorance here, but cant you just hold SHIFT when inserting the cd, and rip it with any number of programs?


Anyone know what the first release using this new scheme will be?


You are not ignorant “Grasshopper”! You are very wise! http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=140208


Every time I find myself having purchased a cd or dvd that I cannot use on my computer without installing whatever software someone has included on that media, it will be returned as defective with a demand for a complete refund. It’s as easy as that. I have reutrned the Dave Matthews cd - and decided not to purchase the Backstreet Boys cd, specifically because of the suncomm garbage included on these releases. Yes - I keep autorun disabled for all optical drives on all computers. Yes I realize it is easy to bypass all this nonsense. But I don’t want these cd’s lying around, waiting to pollute some unsuspecting person’s computer.


These jerks are crazy! I haven’t bought a music cd in years because of the copy protection crap, and now this stuff?? I don’t think so… But the slight glimmer of hope here is that this copy protection will be cracked eventually, just like all of the other supposedly ‘uncrackable’ protections that have come & gone over the years… :r


Then again, it is pretty sad when one has to utilise tools initially designed to clean up lp/78 rpm record noise, to remove the digital noise artifacts, that result from this copy protection crap and or duplicate the music cd to allow for use in top end cd players or car cd players. As always the end user is forced to pay more for less!


I agree with un1337 on this one. If the disc relys on installing anything on your computer for the protection to work, but it will play fine in any cd player, then you can have it do the same in a computer, just disable autoplay, and then play the cd in any program, like WinAmp, and rip the unprotected files


@Roj, if you want a backlash you will go out and buy these protected CDs and then return them. :d


Better yet, just download all the music from bit torrents sites! :S


The new protection is lame. If Autoplay is turned off (before inserting the FIRST cd that has this crap on it into your PC), you can copy just the audio tracks and make a CD without all the PC-crippling garbage on it–just the audio tracks. Then you can use the new cd’s tracks as the law permits on your iPod, etc. If they really were 100% protected, I’d expect stores to allow returns of lousy music, even if it was opened.


copy protection… sneer words run rampant in the industry. It should be called “you aren’t supposed to copy what you bought” or “inability to copy this.” Money, when will you quit your asinine ploy to encourage the world into darkness? We will not learn this lesson in school, because all of our kids are trained against this type of thinking - by law. Raises eyebrows, does it. No, then hope is lost.