Emerson MP3 Player & Skins/Themes/Desk Backgrounds?

Hello guys! Didn’t know this place had changed to a new name. Was a long time member over at CD-R freaks. Been a good while since posting. Glad to find out the name change.

I just bought my wife a new MP3 Player. It’s an Emerson 4GB Touchscreen player. These are sold at most local Big Lots stores. It works great but I do have a question. There are a set of desktop backgrounds that come with the player. Along with that a few skins too.

I’m wanting to get new skins & desktop backgrounds. I have searched for a site but most ask for paying to get them. Is there any software out there in order to make your own custom themes,skins,backgrounds for MP3 Players? I know there probably is but I want to know about the good ones. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Anybody wanna chime in here? :slight_smile: