Emerson (Funai) EWR10D5 DVDR Remote Codes?

Emerson (Funai) EWR10D5 DVDR

Does anyone know what VCR Remote codes would work for this… Yes I know this ounds silly as it is not a VCR.

Here is why I ask. I have a Dish 322 Reciever that can activate the DVDR via IR. I found a Funai/Emerson/Sylvania code that works with most of the buttons.

Menu, Play, Stop, FFD, RWD, etc… all work…

The only button that I cannot get to work is record…
Record and Stop are the two signals that my DISH 322 need to send to this unit.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I have read that this unit is partially built by Mitsubishi when they teamed up with Funai.

I have a friend doing it with his Pioneer DVDR… Maybe I should have just gone with a pioneer. I wanted to play around, so I decided to mess with a budget Emerson as the technology keeps changing.

I would love to hear if you have any input on this as you appear to know much about the Funai equipment.

Sorry for posting twice… I Originally posted to the wrong group…

Thank You,
Jeff P