Emerson dvd/dvr/vhs question

Hi am new here, I have bought the above product, am happy with it, but we are changing from Satelite to digital cable and am told I cannot use the digi box to record to the dvr, surely this cannot be right. How would I set it up. Am a little naive when it comes to electronics.

Your cable box may or may not have a composite or S-video connect in addition to it’s main monitor out. If it does, then that’s what you would use to connect the DVR/DVD for recording. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to get creative.
It all depends on the cable box you get. Some may not be able to output from multiple connects at the same time, so YMMV.

I was informed that I can pay extra for the “dvr ready” box which is 6.00, then 7.95 per unit for 3 tv’s over and above the “monthly fee” it becomes expensive.and then I HAVE to use their DVR, seems a bit silly when we can purchase them at Wal Mart, anyway, how creative can I get to fix it up. Surely these manufacturers would not produce a product that cannot be used… am so confused… help is needed.

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary. :bigsmile:

Without knowing what connections are available on the cable box, no further discussion is possible. Do they have a web site where you can get a manual download or any pictures? I have no doubt that in order to get the same functionality you had with satellite, you will wind up paying more.

The cable box must have either a s-video or a composite output, or even component. If it only has ONE output, then you have to split or switch that output to the monitor and to the recorder. The simplest approach for splitting or switching the video output is usually with a stereo (home theater) receiver where you can connect the recorder like you would any recorder, with an input set of connects and an output set of connects. Then the recorder gets whatever the receiver is switched to monitor. The nice thing about such a receiver is that it also switches the audio, which must also be considered.

If the cable box has 2 outputs, then you use one for the monitor and one for the recorder.

You certainly don’t have to use the cable company’s DVR, but don’t expect them to help you use your own.