Emerging tech trends that are going to impact our future in a big way

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Technology has impacted the entire world in a manner that not a single industry has remained undisrupted. The pace at which the modern-day technologies are advancing is increasing rapidly and it has given rise to new business models.

Let me set the record straight, here.

  1. AI is creepy as hell. Giant corporations like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google use it to spy on millions of innocent people regularly. Some people talk about the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal as if it were a one-time thing. In reality, it’s a fundamental part of Facebook’s business model: offer the users a free service, gather data, and sell data. Also, just because AI *can* become an ally to humans, doesn’t mean it will. If I buy a lottery ticket, I *can* win millions of dollars, but the odds of that actually happening are long. Also, there have been proposals for creating autonomous killing machines to replace soldiers. I don’t see any way this could end well.

  2. Blockchains are NOT “incorruptible”. There may not be any known vulnerabilities right now, but someone WILL find some in the future. It’s only a matter of time. Every single person who describes blockchains as if they were the end of all security issues is either clueless, or is just trying to fool you by making you invest in technology you might not otherwise want to invest in.

  3. Immersive experiences are scary for exactly the same reasons as AI. In fact, creating such complex imagery isn’t possible without AI. Think about it. There are a lot of things that need to happen in real time in order for augmented reality and/or virtual reality to happen. There has to be some degree of “intelligence” in order to coordinate these things. Therefore, “immersive” technology can be considered a sub field of AI, and thus deserving of the same criticism.

  4. Intelligent things: do I even need to say anything, here? You already pointed out that AI “has in fact tremendous potential of imparting intelligence into existing things”, before giving a misleadingly glowing review of such technology. For instance, the Amazon Echo is known to listen in on people’s conversations 24/7. It’s connected to Alexa, which is perhaps the most invasive piece of technology ever unleashed upon the public. Also, let’s not talk so happily about “environmental […] advantages”: we all know these devices will be useless after only a few years. At that point, the devices will start glitching from hidden time bombs, or start showing messages that say something along the lines of “this device is no longer supported”. In either case, the users will be prohibited from fixing the issues themselves, which naturally will force them to buy new models. That’s how planned obsolescence works. That means more environmental resources, such as raw building materials and fossil fuels will be consumed in the manufacturing and shipping of these products.