EMDB Data Base for DVDcatalog

For those looking for a good database for a DVD library try www.EMDB.tk/ This is Freeware and as good as many of the $30. to $50. programs. He has no Q&A section up yet and the only “hidden” action is to sort each column by clicking the headers. This will reverse disc numbers and reverse the alpha. order. Give it a try, you’ll like it

While I havn’t used this program, I do use Ant Movie Catalog and it is one of the best movie/tv database programs out there. There is also a version if you use GNU/Linux. Translated to 30+ languages. As far as support, there is a very good forum that the writer of the program is at almost daily, not to mention the many other members that have helped make the program better.

All that being said, I think this post might be better suited in a different forum than the bargain basement, and also so more people can make use of the information.