Emails to MPAA and RIAA =DD

Hum, i decided to check out the reaction from RIAA and MPAA and sent the following emails:


Illegal movie downloading

I’m a new internet user and i’ve heard a lot about movie downloads lately and people say it’s free.
I’ve asked some more info and my friends told me that i could use some P2P software.
Since i don’t know much about these things and MPAA is the representant of movie studios, i thought that you could help me out.
So, what P2P software you think i should use? My friends told me that Kazaa was very known…is it good? What’s your recommendation?
It’s a bit urgent cause i don’t want to waste precious time of downloading.
Thanks for the help.


Illegal CD sales

At a very big concert, a man sold me 7 albums for about 2 € each and they were only cheap CD-R’s.
The problem is that the CD-R’s are defective and can’t play on my system and it’s very frustrating so i’m planning to suit the man who sold me the albums.
Since RIAA is the association of music companies, you’re certainly the most informated. I’d like to know if you can tip me some information regarding the possible suit and what are my chances since i don’t want to spend a lot of money on lawyers.
Thanks in advance.

Do you guys think they’ll answer me?

Lol, They’ll either just laugh at the rediculousness of it, or the RIAA might get your IP address and supoena your personal information and sue you, now that would be funny! You did use an anonymous email, right?

i used hotmail =P
they can’t do anything…i didn’t violate any law i think

No you didn’t violate any law, but it’s kind of like an invation for them to come after you. Not saying you are doing anything illegal, but why give them a reason?

Other than that I think its hilarious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hotmail also sends your IP address…

I think it is a funny attempt, but I highly doubt you will get a response…they probably get thousands of these mails…

Sounds funny; I doubt you will get a reply though.

I agree… :iagree:

lol :), u didnt do anything illegal so you are fine

i know =P
they didn’t reply by the way

they are stupid but can just about figure out these are a joke :bigsmile: