Emailing video?

I just received a dvd in the mail from my husband’s Uncle. It is a home video that he converted to dvd and it stars my husband doing a ‘break-dancing’ routine (not very well either :disagree: ) when he was younger. Does anybody know what program I would need to use to compress this small enough to email? I tried compressing it to a zip file and it was still too big. I was able to download the specific ‘chapter’ using dvd shrink and then compress it and it was still too large. I know there has to be a way to email this to all of our friends and family :bigsmile: ! I downloaded the latest slysoft program (clonedvd mobile) but I don’t think this is the right program either. Any ideas for a very, very green newbie?

You will need to see about converting it to a .wmv (windows movie maker) file, or better yet, XVID or DIVX (which is mpeg4 format). Even then, you will likely need to ftp it to someone, rather than email it, unless you all use an email client which will support large files.

I tried converting it to divx but for some reason only the audio would play on playback. I looked up FTP on the net and I’m still a little confused (the understatement of the century!).

FTP is an internet protocal. You could use it in this context to send a file directly to a person’s computer.

Go to, and look under the guides and tutorials, and search for DIVX. You will find step by step guidelines, and recommended software for converting various formats to divx.

Thanks! I’ll look through it later today.

If you don’t know about setting up your own ftp then you should use one of the services for this sort of thing, large attachments. You send it allows for files upto 1gig for free. It is what my family use to send me videos for conversion for the rest of the family. Be warned it is slow to upload to as upload is generally low on domestic services.

That’s a great idea! Can you recomend a site? if you only need one for transfer…

alex I did:

You send it allows for files upto 1gig for free

Allow me to help…:slight_smile:

sometimes we need to remember what is obvious to us, is not so obvious to others…:slight_smile:

I couldn’t link as I didn’t have the link as I have lost my favourites after a reformat, forgot to back them up, so I named the service. Google is a wonderful resource for searching.

I know what ya mean, and yes google is a great tool. Sometimes I post advice that makes perfet sense to me, that would have been more helpful if I said google this…instead of just…this…:slight_smile:

I know you gave her a good toss out…I just defined it a lil bit for the OP…:slight_smile:

I was just saying why I couldn’t link as I would normally link to something when I reply with info that is about a site/service.

Though the forgetting to back up favourites is a good thing once in a while as then you get a good clear out, so far I have found the most important ones and my list is a lot smaller than it used to be as I keep forgetting to give it a good spring clean :slight_smile: . Going ot I know.

Spring cleaning is a good thing…but a pain in the ass…lol. I cant tell you how many times I lost my links…funny thing…is the 3-4 I wanted…I could always find…:slight_smile:

Thanks guys! Yeah, sometimes the answer can be staring you in the face, duh!