Email worm eats security software

I just posted the article Email worm eats security software.

A new year and some new worms are already out.
And there will dissable your security software.

Computer users returning after the New Year break are in danger from the latest mass mailing email…

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Talking of security holes in IE. Have any of yourself found yourself in this situation: You go to a website that has a pop up window that links to some stupid porno site. The next second there is a dialer program installed on your system and it is open and trying to dial? I’m on Win2k with IE6 and this has happened to me quite a bit. The program has copied itself to my hard drive and installed itself without me authorising it at all. Anyone else had this problem?

sorry no, try posting that in the forum maybe someone has an answer.

Yes, and that’s were the forum is for, reactions here, questions there ! :slight_smile:

JS.Exploit ? :slight_smile: allowing your IE to run to much is dangerous, restrict it more :slight_smile: from dangerous ActiveX etc…

You can avoid a lot of problems using McAfee’s v.5&6 using Internet Filter. Just go to the popup-laden site and let all the popups pop. Right-click and get their address or URL from the Properties Sheets. Type the address or URL in the appropriate VirusScan form for Internet Filter. (Just be careful that you don’t wipe out your access the the site you do want to access.) Then when the popups start, you don’t download or see the content of the offending sites. Under any circumstance, I can’t believe anyone reading anything on CDFREAKS wouldn’t have major virus protection.