Email Question..How is it possible?

First I would like to say Hello to everyone. I am new here. This site has been highly reccomended to me and I am hoping you can help.

I use aol for email. Somehow my email is being read. The person reading email does not have my password or access to my screen name but does have thier own screen name on my account. I know my email is being read because I was questioned about an email I sent. The person had the text I typed but not the link I included. I am just very curious how this is possible. This person does not seem exceedingly computer savy so …?Any ideas?

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

there could be many things going on…you could have been sent a virus…or someone could have a key logger on your computer… lots of covert software programs out there…you best bet it is to use a different email…and change your password very often…

Thank you for your reply. I was hoping to learn something here though. This is more about the [U]how[/U] if you know what I mean.

Just remove their screen name from your account…very simple…if they have no password once it is gone it is gone.