Email Problem, Please help

Hi! everyone, I seem to have problem with my email,everytime I log in and open my email it’s seem to take forever , My email is with hotmail, my internet is cable my computer is not very slow, my computer is Pent 4 3.0 gig memory 256, but my other email with optus is fine,

Have you done a virus scan recently? A trojan can sometimes hog the bandwidth.

As for hardware, 3.0 Ghz cpu is nice, but 256 MB RAM is hurting (esp. if you’re using XP - if so, HIGHLY recommend at least 512 MB). However, you don’t need a superfast computer to check your emails. It doesn’t take much to load the graphics from a website.

There’s probably something going on with either your internet connection or adware / virus issue. OR … it could be that Hotmail’s servers are bogged down when you check email.

EDIT: hmm … just noticed the part about your other email site working ok. Then, I guess something’s up with Hotmail. For me, Hotmail is much slower than most of the other email services I use (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) … but not enough to throw stuff at my monitor. :slight_smile:

many reasons why this could occur. spyware on your system, your antivirus running in the background, hotmail settings/options, you have flash enabled in your web browser, you run no ad blocker, you use internet explorer ! instead of a better browser like Maxthon :slight_smile:

Thanks for advise and time, appreciate it