Email and net surfing closing on ie has encountered problem

I am having problems opening my email messages and sometimes when surfing the net.INTERNET EXPLORER HAS ENCOUNTERED A PROBLEM AND HAS TO CLOSE!.This is more in opening my email messages than surfing?.Funny thing is if i open my emai(msn),and quickly click on any message quickly before the page has FULLY OPENED!,THE EMAIL MESSAGE WILL OPEN?.But if i wait till the page has fully opened i cannot access any message and when the error report box comes up and i decide not to send the error report, my email account closes down and i have to open it again.I have tried to uninstall the error reporting option in my computer/system/advaced/error reporting but it doesnt stop my email box closing down when i attempt to read my emails?.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

First scan your entire system with a trustworthy and up to date trojan, spyware and virusscanner.

Appreciate reply and i have used adaware/spybot/ms spyware remover/and done a complete virus scan of system.Apart from 1 or 2 minor cookies my system was clean.

Excellent. Next thing is to determine why your system behaves like this.
Does the same problem occur when you start your system in Safe Mode With Network Support ?

i havnt done that before and if you can explain how to i will endeavor to follow your guidelines thanx

Just before your system tries to startup Windows (that’s called booting the computer or loading the operating system) press F8 lots of times.

There should now be a text mode menu available where you can select Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking support amongst other excellent stuff :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about the crappy display and the warning, click ok and fire up your email client.

MR BELVEDERE I just put my system through the windows file checker which took several minutes,after doing so i can now access email without the ie problem?.I dont know what it was but all seems ok at the moment and I DO APPRECIATE YOUR CONCERN AND YOUR HELP MANY THANKS.