eMachine HD woes



my friend’s eMachine HD makes a clicking/beeping sound on bootup and wont load windows(xp). My first impression was that the HD is fried. In case it is, is there any way to recover or fix it? we tried the recovery disc that comes with it with no result(wont run) and even put HD in the freezer for 1 hr to juice it up(lol).If she needs to replace it with a new HD , can she use any brand or eMachine specific HD? thx


If the hard drive is dead, chances are it is then she will need to buy a new one, and no you cannot buy an emachines specific hard drive however you will need to buy a hard drive that’s compatible with the motherboard eg. IDE or SATA or under 137GB, hopefully she will have a windows XP code somewhere on the case she can then use a copy of windows xp (if its xp home then she will need an xp home install cd) and install it on then new hard drive, it sounds like the old drive had a restore partition on it which allows you to use a disk to restore the pc to factory settings, with the new hard drive you will not have this thus the need to do a full reinstall of windows, hope this help :slight_smile:

btw if you can open the case and tell us the name and model number on the motherboard it would a be a great help that or tell us the exact type and model number of this emachines pc


You could replace it with any compatible brand. Beeping sounds like Bios post and the clicking part could be the hard drive trying to access data. If you had the drive out you should be able to get the type and manufacture. Most drive manufactures have diagnostic utilities avalable at their websites, you can download and run to see if the drive is ok. Never heard heard of the freezer fix before though.:slight_smile:




the weird thing is that we couldnt get into BIOS by pressing the F function, it would just freeze on the eMachine display window and do nothing else. I know that its IDE interface and the restore disc has the following files:

disc one contains the following files:

Disc 2 has these:

can she use these restore discs to fresh install windows OS on the new HD or use a normal windows xp installation disc instead? i read somewhere that eMachine is fussy about the OS and that only the restore disc should be used to re-install windows.


Restore disc will work fine.


? i was under the impression that the restore disk works in conjunction with the restore partition to restore the OS back to factory conditions if you will, are you saying the restore disk has XP built into it?


yea it has windows xp built into it. is it worth trying to use recovery tools such as spinrite or HDD regenerator?


It depends.
Most dells come with a recovery CD that is a Custom install version windows XP, but it is a full copy of WinXP that can be used to install if the HD has failed/etc.

I’ve seen alot of machines come with just a recovery partition & an initilisation CD though. Compaq used to do that to alot of PC’s, particularly the budget models.


hmmm. makes sense