Emac Superdrive - Comparable to what Sony model?

I’m looking to snag an Emac to go with my 3 PC’s. They come with Tiger 10.4 and I think it’s time for me to get one, since I’ve always wanted a Mac. I like the Emac cause it’s an all-in-one with a CRT (1280x960 17" at 72hz).

Preliminary question is, I believe the Superdrive is a SONY model, is that correct? If so, what model is it comparable to? Does anyone know?

The one I’m getting ($999 version) has the 160 gb hard drive, 512 meg of RAM, the 64 meg ATI 9600 and the Dual Layer DVD+/-R/RW drive.

Just trying to figure out what the specific drive is so I can figure out things like firmware update.

I’m probably going to snag Roxio Toast 6.x cause it’s the only Mac OS X friendly burning software I know really, and it has a burn option that works for MAC and PC formats.

Any insight on the drive type / specs / model number, etc. would be appreciated.