ELP vinyl record player employs lasers instead of a needle!



I just posted the article ELP vinyl record player employs lasers instead of a needle!.

 OK guys,  maybe you heard of this thing, but it's news to me. We have many visitors here  that for one reason or another, still have some vinyl records around. Yours  truly included, I just...
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I heard of this in 2003 or so. Been out since 1989 in Japan, I believe. It costs a whole lot, but I wonder if the sound makes up for the insanely higher 14000±USD price you will pay for it.


Good question, I just edited that in to the article. According to ELP, it reproduces sound at “Master tape quality” whatever that is. At my age, I’m certainly no audiophile, so it would be a waste on me, but I was just amazed at the way this thing functions! Now I am even more amazed as the technology apparently has been around for so long. :slight_smile:
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Yes. This is a must for any archivalist or someone who wants to preserve their records. I would reccomend making a copy of every new record you get with this before DJing it…


LOL! It doesnt actually Burn vinyl… :c I ll buy one for around a 1000


Reasons for me to sell my Linn LP12 on Ebay to justify such a purchase.:g:g


I looked into buying one ov these several years ago. I like the idea that it doesnt actually touch the vinyl. But after talking to several people I decided against it. Most people I talked to felt it did not reproduce the music with the same realism as with a good turntable and cartridge combination.


LMAO - Reproduces sound with master quality ? That is taking audiophiles for idiots ! The same people who claimed MP3 128kbit is CD quality… come on people - The sound quality of this laser version is better than the cheap crappy turntables that’s for sure…BUT…nothing beats the genuine sound quality of a QUALITY turntable with quality cartridge. I have a Marantz and a Bang&Elufsen with $600 cartridges and it puts the $15,000 unit to shame with its 5 lasers. So before you rush and buy this baby make sure you come back down to earth :smiley:


SInce I live in Japan and me and my dad have many Vinyls left I once went to their Showroom and heard some samples. The quality was good but my Technics SL-1200MK5 turntable sounds just as good and if you have a high end quality turntable with a good cartridge it will sound even better than this Laser player. The only thing is you wont damage your Vinyls with this player but sound quality wise it is not worth it.


The first time i saw a similar model was on 92s......or more less one year, on a German Magain of audio.. Like someone said, the sound is not good as a real Cartdrige... But even so, nothing beats a super turntable with a super cartdrige... Sometimes, i put a Vinyl, i a crap turntable, with some classical music, and i feel a diferent, warm sound coming from it.... Its a very diferent sound, from CD one… Try to hear your favorite album on Vinily, forget the noise on back…isn`it more warm? Mordorr


If you ask me about the quality I would say that Vinyl >Open Reel>CD>MD and MP3 players>Cassete. The sound is just warmer etc with Vinyl.


Small Question: MD = MP3 Bitrate 220kb`s or superior?


Good Question since the MDs and MP3s have different bitrates. MD has SP-STEREO ATRAC 292kbps LP2 ATRAC3 132kbps LP4 ATRAC3 66kbps and newer ones also have ATRAC3plus (352kbps、256kbps、192kbps、64kbps、48kbps) ATRAC3 (132kbps、105kbps、66kbps) PCM(1.4Mbps) and MP3 (32kbps~320kbps) Playback functions. ATRAC, ATRAC3 and Atrac3Plus are lossy formats like MP3. Thats the reason why I put MD and MP3 as equal. For more info about MD:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MiniDisc


Just some more addition. I know that some MP3 players also can handle lossless codecs and PCM and other format than MP3 like ogg Flace and APE etc. So actually it is very difficult to compare CD, Md or MP3 Players. My comparison is based on Cd against normal MD (lossy) and MP3 Players (lossy).


Archive your vinyl on cd. It will sound better than the store bought CD version anyways.


A few teats back I sent for the FREE cassette demonstration of this player. Clearly, the sound was NOT as good as the physical model of a daimond & magnets moving around to play the record - meaning a nice cartige & turntable. Also, I read about the idea that thru experience, owners of this unit found that the record had to be in near perfect condition because the pits or scratches on a record were interpreted by the laser to analog converters withy a horrible sound. The actual tone of the record played by laser vs. a cartrige on the demo cassette was flat & uneventful. It is a fascinating concept. Personally, I like my stanton cartriges with the stereohedron stylus on a stanton truntable. I also like the 1mil saphire stylus playing a mono record where I can stack 16 L.P.'s at a time on my Monophonic 4 speaker [including Jensen 15"] through array of tubes. That is the Motorola “Masterpiece” phonograph. The VERY Best addition one can give thier vinyl collection is a VPI record vaccuum. That even makes the old shellac 78 rpm’s sound better on a windup! records come to life when they are vaccuumed before play. The idea of records is FUN. It is a form of media that will take decades to dissappear, that is if it ever does.


Let’s call this VinylFreaks!


I can’t believe people writing in here saying they heard a tape recording of this machine, and claim it’s not as good as their needle turntable. Hate to say it, but regardless of how you think it sounds, nothing will reproduce the sound on vinyl better than this turntable. I work in a recording studio, and records played on this turntable are indistinguishable from live music. So keep fooling yourselves into thinking your $600 cartridge with a diamond groove destroyer will produce optimal sound from your vinyl, but the fact remains, this turntable produces an absolutely perfect image of what’s on the record. It’s best used on brand new records. Records that were played even once on a regular turntable are damaged goods.